Welcome to MALA!

MALA has teams for boys and girls in grades K-8. We encourage players of any level experience to learn the game of lacrosse or grow there skills across all teams.

MALA’s mission is to teach the rules and game of lacrosse, to develop strong competitive players in a fun and positive environment and to focus on individual development as well as team strategies.

MALA is happy to work together with USA lacrosse to grow the game and provide resources to players, parents, and coaches.

USA lacrosse membership is required for all participants.

MALA prides itself keeping the registration fees low and being able to provide equipment for those who can’t afford to pay for equipment.

What you Gain

MALA does whatever it can to ensure that all kids get to play and learn the sport of lacrosse. We have equipment rentals, and registration assistance for those that need it. We strive to keep the cost to families low.

MALA encourages teamwork and positive behavior. We strive to create an environment where the kids can grow not just as players but as members of a team.

A coaching staff that works together to ensure all kids learn the sport of lacrosse. USA lacrosse trained coaches on the staff that are available to assist in the training and growth of newer volunteers as well as many resources provided to help them improve.

Volunteer opportunities are always available. Interested in coaching? How about fundraising, scheduling, equipment or team management? Any amount of time and effort you can help with is encouraged just let any member of our staff know or reach out via email link below.


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